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How to Start a Business While Golfing

Whether you're a retiree or just an entrepreneur who knows 'green' when he sees it, if you're a golfer you've probably wondered how you can live the dream and make money while golfing. Aside from mowing your lawn and turning your unused yard into a par-2, we've come up with 3 ideas to 'drive' your business and let your hobby 'pitch' in with your savings:

Stock your golf cart: Keeping a few extra drinks on hand to sell to your buddies is a good start, but having a full catalog of golfing merchandise and other gifts to sell at wholesale prices is really going the whole 9 holes.

Become a Pro: Speaking of pros, you must be getting pretty good by now, right? If you've studied technique for a long time and think you have it down pat, there are certifications you can obtain to become the pro at your local course. Or, enter into tournaments and maybe get a piece of the purse. We're not talking Tiger money here, but it's still a bad haul for a weekend on the course.

Bring your hip waders - There's gold in those water-hazards! Seriously, how many times have you sliced a Titelist NXT into the pond? It's a dirty job, but someone has to go in there and get those balls, and it may as well be you! If you can nab 25 balls every time you go golfing and sell them at a buck each, you've paid your green fees! Plus you never know when you might get lucky and find a shoe or even a club in the muck.

Joking aside, golfing is a billion-dollar industry; why not get a 'slice' of the action?


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